Importance of UI UX Designing


(UI) and (UX) are the two inseparable sides of a coin. While a well-designed and organized interface speaks to users’ eyes, at the same time an informative and user-friendly look and feel let them to spend more time on that particular page. So, an ideally designed UI/UX is important to increase the time of retention.

UI stands for user interface, which includes the screens, its pages, buttons, its colors and all other visual elements that are used to help a user interact with the device. UI designers focus more on user experience by designing easy-to-navigate software for all types of digital products like websites, applications, and other digital devices.


UX refers to the user experience for that design. It includes the overall experience that a user has while they interact with a website. This can include the user interface but also incorporates much more. It is all about getting someone from point A to point B in a effortless process on the user’s side. Some concepts of best UI/UX services involve a user’s experience include:


  • The process they go through while experiencing your company’s product
  • The sequence of actions they take while interacting with the interface
  • The thoughts that arise as they try to accomplish their task
  • The impressions they take away from the interaction as a whole.

A good UX design creates quality and satisfactory interactions between a consumer and a company’s products/services.

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Why UI/UX is important for your business?

Most users leave a website in just 10-20 seconds. Over 28% of people uninstall an app within only two days of installing it. After seeing the disheartening stats, you’re probably asking: they found poor UI/UX design to be the top reason why people stop getting connected with a website or app. UI/UX is the most crucial aspect of a business, with the potential to make or break your brand. Unfortunately, UI/UX is often underestimated and many businesses pay price in terms of user engagement and website traffic.

Here is why a good UI/UX is essential for your business:

  1. Great UI/UX Results in Increased Customer Satisfaction
  2. Users Stay Hooked on an Interactive UI/UX
  3. Good UI/UX Helps in Establishing Your Brand Reputation
  4. You Get More Traffic on a Great UI/UX.


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User Experience encloses all applicable features of end user’s interactions with the UI Design Company, its products and the great services. Importance of UI and UX Design Building Web & Mobile applications for End user has become the need of this digital world.


Features of UI/UX


Simplicity speaks more. And Mobile App Development Company must make their apps simple enough to encourage its usability and installation.




Capture Attention at a First sight by designing user friendly apps

The web or mobile app needs to be robust enough to impress users at a very first sight. The user must be able to understand and operate the app easily and that make the users fall in love with the application.


User Privacy

The website must be designed in such a way that privacy of the users shouldn’t be hampered. Designers must highlight every feature of the app in detail so that users can trust on them.


Attractive Appearance

A catchy user interface needs to be very attractive so that users can enjoy and feel comfortable while using it. UI design must be very responsive, simple and cater to the users’ frequently changing needs for any UX Design company. Try to add on features that users will like it.



Enterprise software is often defined as computer software designed to fulfil the needs of an organization and of individual users. While this is true, a significant effort must be given to individual user experience to achieve long-term success.


Make UI/UX Design Work for You

Your company benefits from your applications when the user is successfully using it and that success comes from user-friendly design that anticipates user needs. Anticipating these needs involves time spent interacting with the people .The more the app developer understands about the user, the better and more effectively they can design an app to help the user perform their duties.


Customer Acquisition

Successful user experience and design provide a competitive advantage to businesses. They can overtake price as key brand differentiators that attract new customers. UI/UX is more than just effective product design – it’s good business strategy.


Customer Retention

By building an enterprise application that’s beautiful and user-friendly, more people will like to use it, and more importantly, they keep using it. In this digital world, customer retention is very important as competition is growing with every second.


Lower Support Costs

A well-designed app will keep working for long time. If an application is poorly designed, there will be an increased need for training, documentation, and support later, which will result into higher costs. An app that is attractive and easy to use puts less stress on both employees and on the backend.


Increased Productivity

Better user experience leads to improvements in productivity. When you consider the increased productivity over the number of users and hours of day each user is spending, the financial impact is awesome and substantial.


Reduces Development Time

An estimated 50% of engineering time is spent redoing work to fix mistakes that could have been avoided while development. Make sure the design is done right – and well – the first time UX development will prevent future headaches.

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